When Will It Stop?

I Told Matt About My Dream When I Went To His House Last Night.
He laughed. Then followed it up with.."I laughed because that would never happen." Still doesn't change how bad it was. 
I Thought.
After seeing Matt and spending time with him, talking, laughing...That last nights dream would be a nice one (If i even dreamed.) It wasn't, well, they weren't. Yeah. I had 2 bad dreams last night. The first was really similar to the night before's, it was short. Only the end conversation with myself and Matt is all i can remember form it. The one after it was so different, but still bad.
I Was On A Cliff.
The cliff was the end a a beautiful field, green, like fresh turf and covered in little purple and yellow flowers. I was standing ont the edge, really close, I had a white dress on. It must have been a wedding dress because I had a veil on to. It was really windy and I could feel the tears on my cheeks being blown off my face. I had no idea why I was crying. My toes wer curled over the edge of the cliff and I was starting to sway a little bit. I could see people in the water, laughing and splashing. They were in wedding atire also. There was a few people in there I recognised. The wedding must have already been because my left hand felt heavier than normal. I looked down at it and my fingers were wrapped around a blade made of white gold and diamonds. There was a chain that linked it to a ring around my wedding finger. I tried to take the ring off and throw the knife, but I couldn't. So i just sat, on the edge of the cliff with my legs dangling ove the edge. The people in the water below were screaming at me to join them. I politely refused. I watched them play for a bit then something in the water caught my eye. From up where I was, I was sure they were not able to see them. There must of been about 20 huge sharks. Swimming at shocking speeds towards them. I panicked. As I got up, I noticed the blade was still attatched to me. It was their only chance. I, was their only chance. I jumped, without thinking as far out fromt he cliff as possible, the crowd below me clapped and cheered. As I hit the water my dream changed. This time I was walking down the isle, there were heaps of people, standing, watching me. Well I'm not sure they were watching, I couldn't see any faces. Everyone had a white mask on. The mask only had a hole where the mouths were. A few of them had words on them. I read them as I walked. "You'll...never...be...all...he...needs." I ignored it. Even though I was screaming to find out what these people and their masks meant, the me in my dream didn't want to know. It was supposed to be her happy day. She wasn't letting anyone ruin it. It wasn't until I was neary at the alter that I realised the persin waiting for me there wasn't Matt, he was too tall. It sadened me, but I was still curious. I quickly made my way to him, and turned him around. it was his brother. "He's not going to be able to make it." He said. At that, he turned and walked back down th way I had come and left. Everyone was staring at me now. No masks, no words. Waiting for my reaction, my breakdown. I turned away from them and realised the wedding was on the grassy cliff. Without a second thought, I ran and I jumped. As soon as I the water I woke up.
I Don't Like This.
Remembering my dreams so well thing. It's really annoying me. The detail in them are making me think i'm living 2 lives. One full of happiness, and one full of pain. I just want it to go away.
I Don't Think I'll be Going To Bed Early Tonight.
Lauren, x o

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  1. kaotickatt123

    wow, i had some dreams about my bf, brandon where weird stuff would happen like him dumping me and his parents screaming your not good enough while i was falling down his stair cases, and many dreams where i woke up crying.
    but i havent had them in awhile. ive been getting up early and going to sleep around the same time so im really too tired to dream, and also what stopped my dreams were when he told me something really sweet and special hehe :P to sweet really to tell:P your dreams are just telling you how much you really love this guy. and he wont really understandm. just yeah, and know they wont come true..
    haha:P all they are, are symbolisms that you love da fella honostly thats all iv woken up many times screaming and crying and im with one of tha sweetest guys you could ever meet, thats hardly ever dumped someone and crys over spca commercialsXP

    March 09, 2009