Ok So Last Night's Dream Was A Little Different From The Rest.
I was pregnant, ew. That's all I really remember..lol. Weird hey. Was a long as dream though, that's all I know. Because I went to sleep about 12..And woke up about 12.30 lol So yeah, good sleep =]
When My Mum Left This Morning.
She came in to say good bye. She was like "Have a good day, and can you please do the dishes in the sink. There isn't too many." I was like "Yeah sure" *Falls back to sleep.* When I went to do them, there was tonnes! So much for "There isn't too many"....I spent liek an hour doing them. Time to convince my mother to get a dishwasher. But, everytime I try to tell her she just says. "I have one, it's you." and gets this cheeky little grin on her face lol. Smartarse. 
Going Shopping Tonight. Cool.
Going to need a dress for Holly's 18th to go with my new shoes and bag. Am Thinking a white one. =] Feeling some poptarts so I may need to get some of those to. Also, I need something new to watch. So I would like to get a series of anime maybe? If I can find Vampire Princess Miyu, that would be great. 
So yeah, that's my day's plan lol. 
OMG Totally Forgot To Tell You... 
I finished all the twilight series...a little while ago now. Breaking Dawn was sooo friggin good.
Lauren, x o
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