Violet Red.

So The Past 2 Days.
I have made it to work on time. lmao. Snaps for Lauren. But I have been having really bad fatigue. Sometimes it's so bad that it hurts to just hold my eyes open normally, it feels like i'm straining them, like in a staring contest. I'm so sleep deprived it's not even funny. *Tear* I just want to sleep!
I got my hair done...Spent waaaaay too much moeny on it, but whatever. I had the colour changed and cut. I kept as much length as possible as I would like my hair to gro longer :) I also had treatments put in because my hair needed protein, bad. I like how it looks now best. It's so nice, and dark. Suits me better I think. Mum never likes things straight away, so it didn't bother be to see the totally ambivilant look on her face when I picked he up from work all excited about my new hair lol.  
Matt And Me.
Went to dinner and a movie last night. I fell asleep near the start of the movie lol. Like an old person lol.

Oh Shit, I have to pick my mum up...
Cutting It Short Today Guys.
Lauren, x o

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  1. EasyToSay

    Hey Lauren,
    Your hair sounds great, pictures?? Oh and yes grow it long, long hair is always better than short .. shhh don’t tell those who like it short! I prefer long! My hairdresser always wanted my short, then she retired (she’s 28!) my new one likes my hair long.. thumbs up from me

    March 01, 2009