Until 2pm, Loser.

I Slept In Until 2pm Today.
I really just didn't wake up. How sad. I did stay up until like 4am because I was sniffling and my nose was so blocked I had to breath out my mouth lol. It may just be that i'm a freak and the only one. But does anyone else freak out about sleeping when their nose is blocked? Like all I think is.."Shit i'm going to go to sleep and forget to breath out my mouth, no breathing bad."
Yeah, it's probably just me lol.
So Yeah.
I was woken up by my dad's (or as i like to call him, DNA 2) phone call. He asked me if I wanted to go in to his restaurant to learn about wines. I'm going to be working with him 2 days a week so I should know what to recommened with meals. It was kinda boring and I don't like wine so I wasn't really into tasting them. I met the staff that work there, there's two girls that are really nice. One is pretty rough though, and another is pregnant, and fairly young lol. What's with people and babies right now? Geez. lol.
After The Wine Lesson.
We went to Enchilada's for dinner. I chimi changa...Mhm, oh it is damn good stuff. lol. I love mexican food. It's tasty. I pretty much ignore my ferret-like step mother all the time. Mostly because she has nothing of inerest to say. haha. Yeah i'm not really her biggest fan. incase you didn't notice.
Anyone Else Not Like Their Step Parents?
Lauren, x o
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  1. xxelektrosexualxx

    oooooooo..my step mummy is having a fucking child..

    yay we can hate them together

    February 25, 2009