Most Of my Day Was Good.
But this afternoon as i was getting ready to go to my staff meeting, my Dad called and started going off at me for not going to my grandads funeral "You were the ONLY family member who wasn't there!" He kept going off at me and being really rude. It made me cry. I was a mess and i didn't go to my staff meeting because I didn't think I contain my upset and large amount of anger for the 1/2 hour my staff meeting takes. To make matters worse, i'm pretty sure the message i sent my boss to say i wouldn't be able to attend wasn't recieved because i got a message about 7.30 asking if i was okay because i didn't attend the meeting. I replied with another text message and also an email, just to make sure he gets it.
Feel Crappy.
Lauren, x o

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  1. kaotickatt123

    when im upset, about to cry and if i have to go some where or something like that.
    i kinda swallow hard an suck the top of my mouth and just grin constantly.
    also put on some liqued make up and powder because my face gets very red when im upset haha. blood pressure rising i guess haha
    and youdont have to read all my entries:P i have way to many an too many pointless ones as well.

    did your dad sounds very simple minded, i mean funerals are unhappy, and should be a personal choice go visit the grave once a yr on the old mans birthday. but eh, your dads just going through a rough time loosing someone an probably needed you or was very superficial about what everyone thought of you not being there. one of the two. (: great writer.

    February 18, 2009
  2. kaotickatt123

    lol take out did.

    February 18, 2009