Never Again.

I Had The Worst Dream I Have Ever Had Last Night.
I remember it way to well. It was too realistic, too painful. It felt like it was seriously yesterday. My face was soaked in tears when I woke up and I was having trouble breathing...
It Started At Matt's House.
I was sitting on the computer waiting for him to get out of the shower. His sister and her friend came in, they were trying what must have been bridesmaids dresses on. her friend snarled at me. It confused me, but then she whispered something to Matt's sister and they both burst out laughing. Then they both looked at me, this time it was the sister to crack the joke and they threw their heads back in laughter and went to leave the room. Just as they were exiting, I said.."Do you have a problem with me *Matt's Sister*?" She turned around and said. "Infact, I do. He's too good for you and you know it. So why don't you move on and leave us all be." Her friend laughed and then sniggered, "Maybe I could date him, i'm much more impressive." I gave her a disgusted look and called her a slag. The sister looked at me and then said in the rudest voice, "I would like you to leave, now." "Fine!" I replied.
I Gathered My Things As quick As Possible.
Said a rough fairwell to Matt's parents, who looked confused and anguished, they must have heard the whole fight. Matt wasn't out of the shower yet, but I left anyway. I Drove to my friend Sally's house and told her everything. She hugged me while I cried. Then we went for a drive. We drove around for a few hours, just talking. Trying to work out why Matt's sister hated me so much. She said I needed to go back and talk to Matt about it. I knew this, but I was putting it off. Eventually we both went around, so i'd have some comfort if things were to blow up again. When I walked in, Matt's parents were sitting in the lounge room, confused. Sally and I took a seat, we waited. Matt came out declaring that he knew the theme he wanted for his birthday party. Did he know what had happened? It didn't seem that way. It was obvious when he stopped in his tracks and looked at me, emptiness in his face...He knew, and for some reason in this, I was the bad guy. What had she told him? He moved towards me, then stopped and sat on another chair across the room. We sat for a while, Sally talking with Matt's parents. Then his sister walked in, shocked to see me there. "I'm here with Sally, don't freak out" I told her. She glared at me and said something - no doubt horrible - under her breath. After a short silence she asked both me and Sally to leave. Sally replied with "I bought Lauren here to talk with Matt." At that point we all looked at him, he just shook his head without looking at us, he didn't look too hurt. I walked over and asked "Is this it? Are we done?...*No response, just silence*....I guess we're done." That must have been when the tears started, because they felt too real. As I was leaving the front door, I turned around. I had to know what she told him. "Can we just talk outside please?....please?" He agreed and followed me out. Sally went back inside. We sat on the steps of his house. "What did she tell you?" I asked him. "She made me see what's really going on." He replied. There must have been shock and confusion on my face, so he continued. "She explained to me that I don't love you, I love the idea of you. I'm too young to settle down anyway. She made me see that." I tried to hold the tears back. How could I expose myself to someone who believed that crap? " me?" I asked him, nervouse for the answer. "No," He said cold and flat. The look in his eyes told me it was true. That was when my heart started to burn, it felt like it was beating out of my chest, I started having trouble breathing and I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. He just left, walked inside. "See you around, it was fun....I guess." After hearing that my breaths shortened even more and I couldn't see anything through the shower of tears over my face...I woke up.
And EXACTLY The Same Thing Was Happening.
I was so short of breath, I sat up quickly. With a cry of pain, I clutched my chest. Lucky my mum wasn't home, she would have freaked out. I trying so hard to catch my breath. Crying was making the breathing thing so much harder to control. My nose was blocked so I could only breath through my mouth. It took me a minute to realise why this was so hard, I was crying out loud. Sobs of pain and sadness were escaping from me. I haven't cried like that in a looooong time. And over a dream? After calming down and catching my breath - This took an extremely long time to do - I curled up under my sheets, grabbed my phone and text "I Love You" to Matt. I could still feel an occasional tear on my cheek. But my breathing was almost normal again. 
I Was Starting To Forget It, So I Came Straight Over To The Laptop And Started Typing.
Lauren, x o 
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Comments (1)

  1. EasyToSay

    wow, what an amazing vivid, and yes heart wrenching dream. . . So many messages in there, can’t pick out one though. I hope your dream tonight is much better xx

    March 05, 2009
  2. TaperJeanGirl

    Thanks EasyToSay. =]

    Yeah, it was so bad.

    cross fingers for that better dream

    L x

    March 05, 2009
  3. Rabbb

    Aw, Lauren this is absolutely beautiful in a way.
    You two are absolutely perfect for each other and are the perfect example of true love. A girl can only dream that they’ll find a love as perfect as yours.
    I have the happiest feeling in my stomach, even though it was such a sad story.
    The last paragraph was like, aaaaaaaaawhhh
    I just want to cuddle you.

    March 05, 2009
  4. miahutcheon

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    August 18, 2017