Long Time No Type.

So I Totally Haven't Written A Blog In Forever.
You know why? Cause my life has been really boring. On the good side of it, all of my bad dreams have stopped. Have become the biggest twitter addict. Why? I have absolutely no idea, ther is no point to it really. I do love the little thrill when you get an email..."So and So is now following you on twitter"...Yay!
I Made A New Hotmail Account Right?!
And msn is so fucked that it says it doesn't exist, but I checked the availabilty of the address...not available. So it did work when I made it. I thought maybe my password was wrong so i went to check it and then i typed the email in and it says it doesn't exist. Ugh! Msn, get some smart people.
I'm Watching That Show..
Crime Investigation Australia. The case they are talking about now is like 5 boys that raped and murderes a women in sydney. People like this disgust me. What can possibly come accross a person that they could sexually abuse someone, touch them without consent?...It's sick that some people get off on it. I feel bad if I bump into someone...I could never stab a person. Well if someone was attacking a loved ones or myself I guess I could. But not just for the point of excitement. What the fuck?! If there really is a God...What the hell was he thinking when he decided that without suffering there would be no compassion? It's sick to think that someone could design a world where good people die, young children are harmed, people are raped and murdered. If this is the idea of a "great design"...then I don't get it. I don't get how people can have such faith in something like this. And if he ("God") had the power to create it, why can't he change it? Stop the bad things?? You know why? Because it's bullshit. The world is a horrible place and bad things happen to good people. I have no faith in this whole thing. I can't believe in the reasoning behind all this as "Eve ate the apple..Thats why bad things happen." Whatever. People just need something to follow, but I refuse to follow such utter shit.
I Have Faith That There Is Something There, Something Good. But It's Certainly Not God And His "Plan For Us All".
Lauren, xo
Lauren, xo
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  1. Phat

    You should read my views on religion …….. I with you there!

    You can make boring sound interesting ….

    March 23, 2009
  2. terminus47

    God is not out there never was you don’t need to look up to see god you need to look in.you have a glass of water in front and pray to god to raise that glass to your lips for if he does not you will die,guess what you will die.So you choose life and reach out and pick up the glass yourself and thats what it come down to choice. personal choice the world would be a better if we stop looking up and start looking in

    March 24, 2009
  3. TaperJeanGirl

    lol Whatever terminus47…

    March 27, 2009