Kinda Alright.

So I Worked At My Dad's Restaurant Today.
It, was surprisingly fun and the time went really fast. They have the electronice order thingos which means no wring 3 different orders to go to different stations. One of the guys who went to school with me in my grade works in the kitchen as a kitchen hand. He's much nicer now. Fun to talk to when there's no customers and stuff. I had to get my responsible service of alcohol today, me and my mate were answering all the questions together (They have literally made it impossible to fail lol) He was really friendly.
Until Tonight.
When he cracked on harder than a whip on msn. I made it damn clear i wasn't interested and he got a bit pissed, but whatever. He was being a prick. But now work is going to be awkward.
Lauren, x o
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