It's That Time Again.

Yes It Is Time For.
Another blog. So at work today this guy came and got coffee..."But what's wrong with that Lauren?"...You wanna know? I'll tell you. He looked about 40...Grey hair and all. Seedy as beard etc. As if that isn't scary enough, he was wearing the clothes you would expect a 17 year-old wanker to wear. He had a white striped button up shirt, unbutton and just chilling on his hairy as chest. He had dog tags around his neck LOL and he had his pants low enough that you could see his calvin klein boxers out the top. Also, basketball shoes. He looked. SO BAD! He also had a do rag and cap on ....Backwards. I had to keep a straight face while he was trying to strike up a conversation with the girl who works in city beach. She just kept giving me the most scared looks. Poor thing. Hahaha...What a TOOOOL!
Faaaaar Out.
I'm bored. Me and Sally and another friend have decided to mess with one of the girls in their grade a little bit, cause she's a slurry lmao. Everyone hates her. Her mum is the principal at the school so naturally, she thinks she is god's gift. Wrong sweetheart. 
I'm Working With.
Seedy guy tomorrow. He better keep his desperate little mouth shut. On Friday night he tried to get me to go to his and "Hang out". I politely declined the invitation. He was trying so hard, freak. I was like..."Do you have a weird thing for me now?" He was like "Yeah, i do." Ugh. I don't like him very much at all. Wanna slap him in the face. We'll see how tomorrow goes...Hmm.
Just Joined Twitter. Why? Cause I'm Rad.
Lauren, x o.

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  1. EasyToSay

    Hey Lauren,
    Can’t stand it when people try to dress out of their range, I know I’m sure I’ve done it at some stage .. no actually I haven’t.

    Oh and Twitter … what’s there to join? Isn’t it just an app?

    March 01, 2009
  2. fraglerock

    mutton dressed as lamb as they say here in the uk ha ha ha ha ha
    i feel for that poor girl he tried to hit on, and sounds like you have a nerd trying to hit on you LOL
    regards fraglerock

    March 01, 2009
  3. Cherry2Cerise

    woww desperate little bastard…i would have called the police there and then and put on a restraint order.

    March 01, 2009
  4. kaotickatt123

    aww wow, i cant believe that.
    as you get older, your clothes are supost to fit the age your at.
    i dont get why people dont get that?! imbrace getting older otherwise youll just..
    hate it more, and end up denile trying to take off 30 yrs when your wrinkley face and gray say different.
    i would love to see a 40 yr old dressed like that,
    its hard to imagine exsisting, then again its not so hard.
    iv seen woman look like sluts wearing there teen grandaughters clothes at 60.

    March 01, 2009
  5. TaperJeanGirl

    Hahahahaha. Well here, they are everywhere. It’s hard to escape them. He needs a seriously chest waxing to lmao.

    March 01, 2009