I Am...Sasha Fierce.

New album is soo good. I love it right now. Now that i have made that point clear, i have had a particularly boring evening...ok, a really, really boring evening. Except talking to Matt on msn cause he makes me smile, lots. And i feel like and idiot when noone is around and i'm just grinning like i have some rediculous disease that won't let me stop... lol. But I do love it. Noone makes me laugh like he does. He brought out the hideous laugh I hid for years lol. It's like i small child laughing. It's disgusting haha.
I Have Only Just Now Realised.
How kind of pointless my life is at the moment. No, i'm not suicidal, i am faaar from that. I'm just saying, to be blunt, i'm kind o a waste of space at this current time. I am doing nothing with my life, except eating, exercising and wasting water. Lol. I spend about 60 percent of my time sleeping nowdays. I cannot sit down without wanting to pass out. Random fatigue gives me the shits, grr. I haven;t been very hungry lately and I haven't mentioned it until no, but i've lost 3 kilos in the last two weeks, and considering I was originally under 50kg...It's not really good. But I really have just been repulsed by the thought of eating heavy foods. I'm not sick or anything, i think it's just a stage.
I'm Okay. =]
Lauren, x o
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Comments (1)

  1. misti2009

    Hi Lauren,

    I agree. Beyonce’s album is really nice. What are ur fav songs on the album. I love ave maria and Halo…and Hello. As far as ur current situation…I know what it feels like to be at a “stand still” in life and to feel like a waste of space and time…I feel like that when I am being productive…it could be my day off and I would feel that way…But at least you are taking care of yourself by exercising and staying fresh n clean LOL. Exercising is a great way to be productive though because u r improving your own life by doing it…
    I hope you get out of this funk soon Pun intended lol.

    February 18, 2009
  2. annabavin

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