Haha, Love It.

So Like.
I'm still on msn because i have nothing else to really do with my free time at the moment. lol. Anyway, to the point of the blog. My friend Samson, who is in Matt's grade (Year 12) is planning to sneak his cousin in to school on friday. He asked me if i still had my old formal uniform. Unfortunately my mother was the kind of parent that makes you take them back to the uniform shop and see how much they are still worth, If its not worth it, you donate them so poor kids can wear them lol. Otherwise i totally would have given him my uniform right. I would LOVE to see someone screw over that stupid school system like that. If i had known how pathetic my OP score was going to be this time last year i would of had a great time having more fun than anything. People take it all so seriously sometimes, these are supposed to be the best years of our lives...Even though we spend most of the time wanting to grow up and then when we do, we will wish we were teenagers again. I never really think about how lucky we are at this age. Hardly and responsibility, our days are planned for us and most fo us are allowed out to spend quality time with friends etc. We do minimal work as a casual in either a fast-food joint or clothing shop mostly, and we still get paid. The biggest worry we reeeeeaally have is not being able to afford the car we want. But.. the majority of the time, i don't think like this and i'm pretty sure I manage to convince myself that I have a crappy life, that i don't get enough and that I get too many chores at home (when really, i have hardly any). And to make things worse..The moment i pst this and forget about it, i know i will most likely go back to thinking that way.
But Hey, That's Life.
Lauren, x o

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