Full Lungs.

Haven't been on in a few days. But to the questions you are probably asking, yes. Yes i'm still having terrible dreams. Waking up in tears, heavy breathing, physical pain. And truth be told, i'm really quite over it. It makes me not want to go to sleep so I stay up later. Then at somestage during the night I wake up in panic or tears and finally when I actually have to get out of bed in the morning, i'm s tired that I am in the shittest mood.
Most Of The Dreams Were On The Same Line.
Matt leaving me, Matt not caring etc. But last night was horrific. Simple, quick. But still hurt. I was having a realaxing bath. And my phone went off. So I got up to get it from the basin. As I got up, I slipped. I fell back in to the bath and paralysed myself, I couldn't get up. I was gasping for as as I pulled my head out of the water as far as I could and screamed for help. Matt ran in asking what was wrong. I was confused because he could obviously not see I was paralysed and drowing in my own bathtub. "I'm Drowning" I screamed at him desperately. e paused for a second. "Oh, is that all?" He asked me in a voice so calm it hurt. He grabbed my arm from the side of the tub where I had gripped the tub to stay up, and dropped me in the tub. "Don't be so melodramitic" He scolded at me and left the room. I was just lying there in the tub slowly running out of air. I just let it go until someone suddenly pulled me out. But I have absolutely no idea who that was!! Argh!! How frustrating is that?! I woke up after that. It wasn't as bad a wakeup as the other dreams, but I still had tears in my eyes.
You're Probably All Sick Of My Pathetic Dreams By Now, Sorry.
Lauren, x o
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  1. Cherry2Cerise

    well, i would guess that means that your conscience is telling you that this matt guy is a jerk and not the right guy for you, and another guy you dont think of that way may be your soulmate. but dont ask me – go to dreammoods.com
    good luck!

    March 09, 2009
  2. kaotickatt123

    wow dont be worried about him.. i mean things will work out if they are supost to and ALL YOU CAN DO is be a good gf now, well…. i think you too are still together idk im going to read your other blogs and do some cetching up but yeah

    March 09, 2009