Too Many Things.
Kept me awake last night...I am NOT digging this streak of crappy sleeps. First, it abosolutely pissed down ith rain. Infact, it is still going from about 2.30am this morning. Now personally, i LOVE the rain. Like i really love it, so i wanted to stay awake and listen, so ended up reading new moon for about three hours and listening to the rain. I think it's a just a wonder how rain is to come about. I know you go through it in like the sixth grade in science, but some things in this world still intrigue me so much...And rain is one of them. I love the sound on the roof, or the pavement outside my window. My window is in the perfect position because no matter what directon the rain is coming down in, it NEVER comes in my window. (It's in the corner of 2 eves (I think that's what they are called) So it has like 2 metres of protection both ways, pretty mad. But it means I can leave it open to listn and smell. The smell of rain is so fresh, especially at night. I don't however, like driving in the rain lol, sometimes it frightens me because there are a lot of round-a-bouts where i live and people just hoon around them not even looking, it does keep me on constant alert though.
Is tha activity of the day today. I am picking up Charel and Jess at 9am. Then we are going to the shops to get some stuff then back here to bake, yay! I always love cooking with frends (even if they aren't exactly naturals in with a whisk, if you catch my drift. I like to give tem snaps for trying =]. ) I used to feel like a was on one of those cooking shows like ready, steady, cook when i was younger. Haha. Now I just get in the zooone. lol. I love cooking, but it has never interested me as a career path, but that's the way i like it. :-)
Anyways, Will Let You All KNow How It Goes.
Lauren, x o
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