Boredom Punched Me. Sad.

Hello My Little Thoughtlings. =]
Today I have been bitten by the boredom bug, it hurts. I finished New Moon. Now I reeeeeaally wanna read eclipse! lol. It's bad cause you know what I do when i'm bored?....Lol....I eat. Nasty little habit but if it gives me something to do, I'm all for it. lol. At the moment i'm waiting to go pick my Mum up from work, she's a teacher. =]
I Have A Question?
Why in gods name do they never give you enough sauces when you order nuggets at Kfc Or McDonalds? Hmm? It annoys me so much if i order lots of nuggets and skip the chips. I expect enough sauce for them all, but never ever ever do I get it lol. I know this is an exceptionally stupid rant, but it is something that annoys me about fast food places. Not enough sauce people!! lol
Anybody else have any littles annoyances like that? Would loooove to hear them?
Note To Self, Asl For Double In The Sauce Department.
Lauren, x o
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Comments (1)

  1. EasyToSay

    Hey Lauren,
    I was going to say that .. ask for more sauces!! :-)
    My pet hate is when you go through the drive through and they forget something vital, like my sons Cheeseburger or my daughters chips. I have to go back! and there is usually a huge line.. grrr.

    I hope you get Eclipse soon, Breaking Dawn is even better … read girl read!

    February 18, 2009
  2. kaotickatt123

    alot of places if i ever get a burger.. theyre never warm..there cold an the meat is a little cold too. sept for jack in the box if you order the ultimate cheese burger, its usually warm an yumm… but thats the reason why i dont go for fast food inless its for nuggets(:allways perfect, or ice coffees an french fries.ahh ice coffees- depending on which ones you go to, the cup sizes differ,an they sometimes dont put enough vanilla in them everrrrr, and the next one might put too much. and crap like that that annoys me.

    February 18, 2009
  3. raymondchristianpoems

    well I don’t know as to how you can eat that stuff I don’t believe in JUNK food it is far too fatting as you were saying get boord and eat this is where the tyer comes in and you wander why the extra weight,you girls should look after your figures better,what do you say about that I have kept my figure the same for about 50 yrs or moree , because I only eat vegetarain food as i don’t eat meat,so as not enough sauce as we all say just ask for more if you like the stuff.
    God bless you for the food you eat

    February 18, 2009
  4. jaxonteece

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    May 24, 2017