All Better!

I Haven't Been Writing Because I've Been Sick, Or Have Had No Time.
So i'll fill you in on the goss. =] I spent all day friday sleeping, or throwing up. Then yesterday (Saturday) I worked until 1pm then Matt met me at work when i finished and we came back to mine, we watched a movie, ate food. Then we left for Tom's and had a fight. But we're over it now. We talked on Friday and said what we needed to say to each other about why we are being annoyed all the time. Got into a bit of a fight, but in the true spirit od our relationship, we let it go, mostly. So yeah, Tom's. Wasn't what I was expecting, because sooo many people smoke now, i didn't realise. It was gross. There were only 4 of use that didn't. But whatever, it's their lungs. So a few of us went swimming at one poin t because it was disgustingly hot. Theme was cowboys and indians so lots of people were in jeans.
How Embarrassing.
For one of the guys there. His girlfriend had like two drinks and was absolutely smashed. She wouldn't get out of the pool and he was jumping in to get her. She was being an idiot. I felt embarrassed for her. Fool. Then there was another girl who had just been dumped by one of the other guys there that kept trying to be drunk and high five me. No thanks. Me and Matt didn't drink and we weren't staying the night like everyone else so we left about 10.30pm. Which ended up being a good choice because we were both tired. We were going to talk on msn when I got home after dropping him off. But msn decided last night was agood night to update and said i neeeded to do it to continue. But that took forever so I said godnight, and watched episodes of viva la bam I haven't seen in ages while I waited for it finish, then I settled into bed and surprise surprise, couldn't sleep, I tossed and turn for about an hour and the last time i looked at the clock it was around 2.30am..So, nasty night of sleep.
Then This Morning.
Mum woke me up and decided that instead of letting me get an extra hour of sleep, I would help her clean the house. Ugh. Was not fun. But I have Monday and Tuesday off so i'll sleep in then. And now, here I am. I start work in about half an hour now. I so don't want to work, I hate working the afternoon, it's more quiet. And i'm starting just before the lunch rush. It's bull. 
I Get Paid Soon.
So I am so buying eclispe..Eeeek! I loved new moon by the end, was so good. =] So this time i'm buying breaking dawn as well so i don't have to wait for it when i finish eclipse. lol. I read to fast for my own liking. When I find the tim to anyway. I get in these moods where i can't concentrate on the story because too much is goign though my head so the book means nothing at the time. But when i'm in the "zone" (so to speak lol) it takes so much effort to put the book down. It's crazy. 
Anyway Guys, I've Gotta Get Ready For Work.
Lauren, x o  

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  1. freg1964

    Get well soon bro! I hope you will recover soon and come back to your normal life. You wrote one of the top custom essays which I have ever read before. I was stunned by seeing the way of your writing.

    May 17, 2017