Again? Honestly.

He Is At The Gym.
Again. Lol. Matt has this new fondness of the gym. I hate it lol. Cause whenever i'm in the mood to really talk to him and have a laugh. "I'm going to the gym now we will talk tonight." It's not fair, why can't he go when i'm in a shitty as mood? lol. I'm aaalllllways in shitty moods. Things tick me off really easily lol. Mostly bitchy friends. Some just haven't recieved the message that we are not in highschool anymore.
I'm Sitting On The Couch.
Watching charmed with my Mum and talking to my pregnant sixteen year-old friend....Crazy right? I kind of expected it. I grew up with her...This was the direction she was always heading in. She's also never had very good social skills, expecially with boys and she changes when they are around. She gets really flirty and stupid, and just embarrassing to watch. I think she uses sex as a way around that. Oh well, she's due in July now. So there's something. Haha. Her biggest influence wouold have to be her Mother who dressed her in midriff tops and tiny skirts since she was younger...Funny thins is her mother still wears those clothes now, She's like 40 and it just looks....tacky and cheap. I don't know how she thinks it's respectable to dress like that everywear or to sleep around like she does. (Well did, she has a boyfriend now apparently)...And i don't understand how she thinks her actions have not played a huge part in how my friend acts and why she is pregnant today. It's just sad.
Yeah, Pregnant At Sixteen?..I Sure As Hell Don't Think So!
Lauren, x o
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