12 Hours?

Today i worked six and a half hours, which isn't really that long, but far out it felt like double the amount of time. i gave up looking at the clock becayse i would just be disapointed that it was only eleven, when it felt like one-thirty. Oh it was so lame. Not to mention I spent all the time before my break feeling hungry, then after my break i spent the rest of the time feel so ready for a full tummy nap lol. After work I went and picked up mummy dearest. Then i showered and changed and went to get Matt then went BACK to the shops to go late night valentines day shopping. He bought me a rose (not a real one, it would suck when it died) Just one from a cute little store that was selling them for $2. The lady who served us suggested that Matt spray his "Manfume" as he calls it on the rose, because the smell would stay for a long time. So we went to myers because he didn't have it on him obviously and we sprayed Giorgio Armarni's "Aqua Di Gio" on the rose. It smells so good. He always bought me a teddy bear and i know that he bought me jewellery, but i don't get that until Saturday :-) Anyway, I bought New Moon, so i'm going to start reading that.
Sleep Tight Guys!
Lauren, x o
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  1. misterunexpected

    I was reading your blog and it was like I went back in time, mostly cause I am older and I remember life when I was younger how it was funny weird and crazy zanny. You made me laugh and I needed that. I am not laughing at you but, I am laughing at me and things I used to do and girlfriends I had. I appreciate you posting what you did it brought a smile to my face. I am 41 years old but, we still like to enjoy life too, being crazy sometimes. Hey, I would like to hear more things that are goiung on with you but the age difference would between us would make people frown not to mention your boyfriend, you can reply once I think that is safe but no more.
    Have a great day, ok.

    February 12, 2009
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  3. phome1978

    First 12 hours are really important in everyone life because in these hours they are in job and meet friends and buy assignment for reading. Last 12 hours is just for the sweet dreams and everyone is relaxing in these few days.

    April 24, 2017